Intuitive Eating VS Counting Macros

Like 90% women on planet earth (or should I say 100% of women) you tried dieting at some point in your life. You’ve done all the research possible – what’s good, what’s bad, what food makes you bloated, what supplement makes you skinny, tricks to lose weight fast BLA BLA BLA. If we were to listen everything we read, we would basically only drink water – YIKES no, the water you’re drinking is too acid for your body. UGH.
The thing is, there is no such thing as dieting. The word says it itself: DIE. The problem with common diets is that there is a certain ”limit” to the diet; you follow it for 1 month and you are promised to lose 10 pounds. You follow that diet very very very strictly during 31 days, you lose a couple pounds….. and then what? You go back to your good ol’ eating habits and you gain all the weight back (if not more) and then you restart another 1 month diet and you yo-yo like that forever. Does that sound familiar? YES. Otherwise, diets wouldn’t exist. The problem with diets is that they aren’t sustainable for a lifetime & you never really learn how to eat properly – you just learn and associate in your mind that to reach the body you’ve always wanted you need to suffer & restrict yourself.
I have FANTASTIC news for you! Bare with meeeeeeeee…….. You actually do not have to deprive yourself or to diet all your life to reach a healthy weight and a healthy pretty body. You won’t have to DIEt anymore after reading this post. You do not believe me? It’s ok, it took me years and years of trial and errors on my body to come to this conclusion so I don’t expect you to eliminate everything you think you know, even tough I wish that’s what you’d do.
There are 2 approches that really made me sane & healthy and that are actually sustainable. No you don’t have to restrict yourself, no you don’t have to cut the foods you love, yes you can still have pizza and no you won’t cry from hungriness. As the title spoiled it, I believe in Counting Macros OR Intuitive Eating.
Intuitive Eating (IE): Eating based on hunger & how you feel & what you body is requiring
Counting Macros (CM): Eating based on a set of numbers (grams of protein/fat/carbs)
close up of food
Now you may ask yourself : but which one is better? Which one should I be using if I wanna reach a specific goal. It really depends. I personally preach IE but it depends on your current relationship and beliefs regarding food. If you still have beliefs that some foods are bad for you, that you should be avoiding carbs if you wanna lose weight, that fruits will make you fat, I wouldn’t recommend starting off with IE. You first need to destroy those false beliefs that certain food makes you fat. It doesn’t work like that. I used to be scared to eat a carrot, scared that I would gain fat (lol). If this is your case, you need to understand that over consuming calories is what makes you fat, not the type of food you are eating (now I can eat a whole bag of baby carrots and I understand I won’t gain fat with that). I was able to destroy and get rid of those horrible false beliefs by tracking my macros. It allowed me to understand portion control, something I was never familiar with AND since I was incorporating foods like hamburgers, pizza, fries (foods I used to think would make me fat) and I was still making crazy progress, it slowly destroyed the false beliefs I had. I believe everyone should practice food tracking at some point in their life. I found it easier after to shift to IE since I was guided by CM before.
BUT, if you are the type of person who over obsessed with numbers then maybe tracking isn’t the best idea for you OR maybe you want to track 2-3 times during your week to see if you’re on the ”right path” . If you’re the type of person who likes playing Tetris with your macros and learn how to eat everything in moderation, then CM might be the ”solution for you”.
Counting Macros is a TOOL but trust me, it is not the only way. Now I personally track absolutely NO food, I didn’t open My Fitness Pal in a LOOOOONG time and I’ve been progressing more in 2 weeks than I’ve ever progressed before using Intuitive Eating.
Before starting to eat according to my intuition, I destroyed all the false and wrong beliefs I had accumulated in the past regarding food by counting macros. It made me understand that ANY food can be eaten in a decent portions. The other thing that really helped me to IE is to practice listening to your intuition (DUH Lex!) – it might seem very overwhelming but it is all about practicing to listen to yourself DAILY for ANYTHING (not just your food choices). Click HERE to learn how to tap into your intuition more! Now that I IE, I find that I am a lot less stressed and I truly believe that it has affected my weight.
None. The one you are more comfortable with is the best. There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to approach your fitness and health goals. There is YOUR way. Personally I am plant based, that eat intuitionally and that loves to make her booty grow. I might get criticized by all those fitness gurus that think they know everything cause they ”studied” in that domain and think that giving you a meal plan, where you have to eat the same thing every single day is the optimal way to eat and progress. But to be honest, I don’t give a shit. Cause I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and it made my eating disorder way way worst by following this path. Stop listening to everyone around you, stop, and feel what is best for YOU! It all comes down to being self-aware and, yes following your goals, but putting your mental & physical health first.


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