Create a vision board that works for real.

Have you ever heard the legend that says that by creating a vision board, you actually are setting yourself up to manifest whatever it is that you put on that board. Well, it is not a rumour nor a legend, I tried it myself and it does work. If you’re familiar with The Law of Attraction, you know that, to obtain and manifest a particular thing in your life, you need to visualize yourself with that specific thing, everyday, and feel good about it. This is why a vision board is such a great tool to any manifestation that you’d like to occur. BUT there are some ”rules” you need to follow to be able to manifest things/people/places/experiences otherwise it might now work or it might take more time for your desires to appear in your life.

  1. Make sure you feel empowered by your board.

Every picture that you’ll put on your board has to make you feel extremely good. If you look at your board and you feel bad or you feel desperate because it hasn’t manifested yet in your reality, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Every negative emotions that you experience make it harder for your desires to manifest – negative emotions = resistance & showing resistance is the last thing you wanna do when you’re trying to manifest abundance in your life. So make sure that every time you look at the pictures you put on your board you feel amazing and empowered; try to close your eyes and feel the exact emotions you’ll feel when you will have manifested that specific thing in your life; either it’s a trip, a person, money… Feel as if you have it when you look at your board.

2. See it 100x times a day.

Make sure you put it in a place in your house that you visit a lot. You wanna make sure to see it as often as possible. Remember we say we needed to feel good every time we see it? Well, now imagine seeing it 5-6 times during your day; it’s gonna propel your desire in your reality. More good feeling = more miracles and more manifestation. I love putting mine in my room, beside my bathroom mirror or on the fridge (cause I always sneak in my fridge for a snack).

3. It’s your board, therefore, your business.

I remember my first board had my bank account printed with LiquidPaper on it to hide the amount of money I owed to the bank and I drew 0,00$ on top cause that’s what I wanted my credit card to be at. Plus, I also put LiquidPaper on the amount of money I had in my account and drew 10K$ on top cause that’s how much I wanted to manifest. My board was in my room and I remember having a lot of people asking me why I was doing that and probably thinking I was fucking crazy… Well guess who is out of debt and had money in her account now! What is on your board and why it is on your board is your business and you shouldn’t try to explain yourself to anybody cause all it might do is kill your highpositive vibes towards your board. Try switching subject quick!

4. Bring it with you. Everywhere.

I’m not psycho I’m not talking about LITERALLY bringing it with you everywhere. Take a picture of it & put it as your phone background so you see it even more and it motivates you and makes you feel absolutely good all the time! By reminding yourself your goals/desires so often, youset yourself up for success!

5. Take your time and make it cute af.

Go on Pinterest, inspire yourself from really nice stuff and take your time to chose the right pictures that eventually will make you daydream about what it is that you want. Make it as cute as you so you can look at it the whole day and never get fed up of it. Take your time. Put your whole soul in it cause this thing will shape your life up.

6. Let Mama Universe do her thang.

Do not put your focus on ”the fact that it is not there yet” cause since you’re focused on that that’s what you’ll attract. Trust the Universe, believe that she will deliver whatever it is that you are putting in your Vortex at the right divine time. It took me a little bit more than a year to change my financial situation cause I couldn’t let go and I was only focused on the fact that the money was still in the Vortex and not in my reality. Mama Universe taught me that I need to trust herand that she will deliver.


Start meditating. I recommend using the app ”Insight Timer” for guided meditations – it is more than perfect & very empowering. Even if you only start with 3-4 minutes per day, meditating can help you to do so much more than manifest more of what you want in your life. The benefits are just insane. By meditating you’re stopping all the bad vibrations and the bad momentum you were having & if you were being positive and were feeling good, it propels you into a universe of unicorns and wellness.


  • Then, sit back and wait for the magic to happen. This is just one way to help you manifest more in your life! The options are endless but I really like the vision board since it’s very cute, fun to do and I find it so empowering!

Have fun decorating your life.



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