Wanna be happy, healthy & attractive? Give up these 9 things.

There are things we do, daily and unconsciously, that are very very harmful to our vibrations and to our life. By only giving up a few of these things in the following list, I can GUARANTEE you that you’ll become a lot more happier. You may ”know” already what you’re about to read but chances are that you are not APPLYING these things into your life – it’s the game changing part.


  1. ”It’s not my fault”

    When you blame others, you’re setting yourself up for FAILURE. I know it can be a natural reflex to blame other people for what is happening in our life but it is a very toxic reflex. YOU are the only responsible person for anything that is happening to you. Really. What happens might be out of your control sometimes, but HOW you react to it is completely you.

Affirmation : I am responsible of my own happiness and my own actions.


2. Thinking you’re not enough

You are indeed enough. Right now, you are acting and reacting to the better of your knowledge. You cannot put yourself down – there are things you might need to do in order to get better in your life, in order to improve your life quality. Indeed. But we are work in progress and right now, your life is perfect.

Affirmation: I am exactly where I need to be. I am enough.



If only you knew how bad judging others is bad for YOU… It lowers your vibrations so god damn much, making it harder to manifest your desires in your reality. You need to realize that your way isn’t THE way. We are over 7.4 billion on this planet. Realize that your way might not match everybody’s point of view AND IT’S OK. You’re not better than anybody else. You’re perfect, but not better. We are all works in progress.

If the specific thing you are urged to judge do not affect you personally (aka pretty much everything) you must NOT judge. I used to spend so much time judging others and I realized that sometimes it was jealousy cause that person had enough balls to do what I was too shy to do.

Affirmation: My way is not the only way, I accept others for who they are.


4. Drama ”Bla, Bla, Bla”

Yes life can be dramatic. Yes it’s SO FUN to hear what happened to that girl you didn’t like much in high school. But, OH PLEASE, stop being drawn towards gossips. You get wrapped into energy that isn’t yours. And honestly, ask yourself WHY you like gossips so much? What does it bring you, in your life? And answering ”well I just like it”, isn’t a good answer. I’ll give you the answer; gossips bring you NOTHING good. I truly believe that small minded people talk about others. Open minded people talk about deeper stuff; like new ideas, the meaning of life… They don’t gossip left and right. YUCK.

Affirmation: I choose to focus on energy that serves ME!


5. Seeking approval

Holllllyyyyy sh*t!!!!!! When I personally finally decided to stop seeking approval of others, I finally started to feel FREEEEEE AF. Just like what others do isn’t of your business, what YOU do isn’t others’ business either. And when you finally fall on the side where you really do no care of what others can think or say, that’s when you truly experience pure freedom. Wear whatever the f*uck you want, post any picture that you’d like to post, do anything you wanna do; without worrying what your mom, dad, friends will say & live your life the way YOU wanna live it. Stop trying to fit in a mold that society tried to create. Get out of the box.

Affirmation: I am enough. I do things for ME and it’s none of other people’s business.


6. Not listening to your gut

Your intuition is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than you think. Do you sometimes have this little feeling inside that you should or shouldn’t do something but you do the opposite and then (not) surprisingly you realize that you should’ve done what your little voice was telling you? You need to listen to your inner whisper; it’s your higher self talking to you and trying to guide you. The more you ignore it, the more your third eye will stay close. Your intuition is your magic power. Use it. You will manifest your desires so much more easily by listening to your intuition.

Affirmation: I honour and listen to my intuition


7. I’m right, you’re wrong

Being right makes you happy. I know. It makes me happy too. But honestly, even when you’re right, the person you’re fighting with will believe that he or she is more right than when you both started to fight. Sometimes, people are ready to hear what you have to say – even if all makes perfect sense and even if you’re obviously right. I used to think that if you didn’t eat meat for breakfast, you were a weirdo and you were unhealthy af. Even if people were trying to prove me wrong, my beliefs about the meat were growing and growing and becoming stronger that ever. I had to grow as a person and realize for myself that a plant based diet is THE WAY to go. For us, humans, and for animals. But back then, I wasn’t ready. Understand that we all grow differently and that we all are different beings with different experiences and realities.

Affirmation: I would rather be in love than be right.


8. Limiting yourself

”Yeah, but me I can’t do that”. ”That’s really not something for me”. HELL NAH. Stop limiting your beliefs. Anything is possible. There a guy without legs and arms who is able to paint, swim, skydive and who is a motivational speaker (his name is Nick Vujicic). Now tell me again that ”you can’t do a certain thing”. You can do anything, OK? You are just setting your boundaries and limiting your beliefs. I personally know a guy who had a very very major car accident and the doctor told him he wouldn’t walk again. The doctor put a limiting belief into his mind (or at least tried). This man right now, runs and is more in shape than A LOT of people I know. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t walk again and told the doctor ” who are you to tell what I can and what I can’t do”… That’s what we all should be doing; rising above any limiting belief we might have and hold onto the belief that anything is possible.

Honestly, I have so many stories of people I personally know that overcame their limiting beliefs and that are now inspiration for so many people around them.

Affirmation: I am limitless. I can do anything. I am powerful.


9. Seeking happiness from external sources

Nothing can make you happy. No one can make you happy. A trip can’t make you happy. An object can’t make you happy. Being happy is something that happens inside of you, regardless of the external aspects. If you’re unhappy and you think that by finding a partner you’ll become happy, think again. You’ll be unhappy but now in a relationship. If you think a Mercedes Benz can make you happy, think again. You’ll be unhappy, in a Mercedes. Being happy is something that is found or done within. If you think you’re gonna be happy by meeting the right person, start being happy now, before finding that special person so you can attract that happy relationship. There is nothing you can make you happy. Just decide to be happy. Be grateful and seek out for anything positive in your life.

Affirmation: I am the only responsible for my happiness.

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