Try this one fun game to manifest money FAST in your reality.

It’s not a secret, everybody wants more money. It can be to pay bills, for a trip, to go to a new restaurant with your better half. We all think that our life will be better once we have ”enough money”. Btw, I used to have 7000$ of debts and I also thought that getting money and be cleared of debts would solve my entire life and that I would live happy ever after. The truth is, it doesn’t work like that – I bought everything I wanted I was spending like crazy, I still had a lot of money in my account but I wasn’t happier than I was before getting the money. So yes, money is fun, but put that in your mind : MONEY WON’T MAKE YOU HAPPY. You want more money cause you think that’s what is gonna make you happier – FLASH NEWS; try to be happier NOW and you will attract more of what you want AKA. money.

Anyway, happiness is not today’s subject BUT it’s gonna be helpful to be happy and to do  this little amazing game that made me manifest 1100$ in 4 days. What’s amazing is that, you never know how the Universe is gonna bring you that money.

The Expansion Game

In this game, you’re gonna imagine that the Universe is giving you a check. Everyday, this check is gonna double. I would recommend starting off with a small check so you don’t get overwhelmed by the game – I know you’re thinking ”How can I get overwhelmed by money lol”. Trust me, been there, done that and it’s not THAT easy. You really have to expand your mind to be able to play – which is why it works so good.

Let’s say you start the first day with 500$. You HAVE to spend the whole money for YOU. You can’t invest money, you can’t give money to someone you love, you can’t pay something to someone. You have to spend the whole check for yourself. Which is fun cause you can really stop and think about what you want and what you need.

Some people will actually print fake checks and write the amount of money on it but I personally prefer to just take a notebook, write on top ”Today I received 500$… Here is how I spend it” and then write down a list of everything that I buy with the price beside.

Here is an example.

Today, I have 1000$ to spend… here is how I spend it

  1. Huge Amethyst Crystal – 75$
  2. 2 Yoga Blocks – 40$
  3. The Soul Searchers Handbook – 25$
  4. Yoga Wheel – 25$
  5. DHA Oil – 80$
  6. Oil Diffuseur – 100$
  7. Buddha Statue – 150$
  8. Laser Hair Removal Sesh – 305$
  9. Foot Tattoo – 160$
  10. 3 Dresses from Pretty Little Thing that I want – 40$

= 1000$


The thing is, everyday, you have to ADD 500$ to the amount of money that you are getting AND you CAN’T buy the same thing twice. As you play the game for a few weeks, it will begin to take real concentration to spend that much money, trust me. And your ability to imagine will expand tremendously. You see, the Universe is responding to your vibrations, not to your current state of being aka your reality. So, if you are giving your attention only to your current reality , then your future evolves much the same. But if you are giving focused attention to these wonderful expanding ideas that this game evokes from you, the Universe now responds to the vibrations of those thoughts.

This game is such a powerful tool to switch your vibrational point of attraction. The Universe do not care about what you have or what you don’t have; it’s only us, humans, that are always focus on our current situation. So let’s say we are in need of money, that’s what we are focused on and that’s what we attract; the need of money AKA no money. This game really does make your attention shift from your reality to what your reality can eventually be – which is why it makes it easier to manifest money in your reality.


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