Become a NINJA at manifesting with these 4 easy tips.

Trying to manifest stuff into your reality can be really overwhelming. How do you do it? How does it work? I asked for 10K$ a week ago, where is it?

Manifesting is easy for kids cause they don’t have limiting beliefs, they live in the Now and they always do things that make them happy. As adults or young adults we kinda lost that easy going life and we think everything is hard to get or we believe all the false stuff we’ve been told by the society, our parents or people in position of authority.

I made a list of 4 things that you MUST do if you wanna easily manifest. Doing these things below will really make you a master of manifestation.

1. Start small

  • Especially if you’re new to the Law of Attraction, don’t try and manifest huge stuff at first. Not cause it’s harder but cause your belief into your capabilities of manifesting are probably very low right now and trying “to test” if it works or not by asking big things isn’t the best idea. Start with small things. I remember when I started to use the Law of Attraction, one day, I manifested
  • A purple car (not a typical purple, a bright “hello from the Universe” type of purple)
  • A flamingo (it was winter, no flamingo in sight)

I was such in a flabbergasted state I really believed I could manifest WHATEVER I wanted. Not so long after, I quit my job and started to make money online – cause that’s what I wanted to manifest. By starting to manifest small at first, you will believe in yourself and your capacities and slowly you will be able to manifest bigger and bigger into your reality.


The Universe likes to play with you a lot on this. If you ask for more money, the reality is, the Universe is gonna send you more money; you might find a dollar while doing the laundry. You’re a dollar richer. WOOHOO!!! If you are not specific, the Universe is gonna send you what you want but not in the way you wanted it which is why being specific is a must.

How much do you want? Be specific.

I always said that I would retire my mom. I was asking the Universe to bring me something to retire my parents. Well I introduced my parents to a Network Marketing business and now my dad is developing the business and he is a few weeks away from retiring my mom. I thought I was the one who was gonna retire my mom and I ended up being the one who retired my family but not in the way I expected. I opened their eyes to new ways of making money, to meditation and to personal growth.

Anyway, be specific. Ok?

3. Let go. LET GO.

The more you think about what you wanna manifest, the longer it’s gonna take to arrive. Even if you’re manifesting small stuff – thinking about it too much isn’t good. I remember at first I wanted to manifest a blue seahorse and I kept reminding myself not to forget that I wanted to manifest a blue seahorse and to keep my eyes opened around me. Well, guess what? I didn’t see one freaking seahorse that day. I was pissed. The day after I forgot about it and saw about 3 blue seahorses…… cause I LET GO.

Letting go is such a powerful tool. It is honestly the hardest step when manifesting but once you master letting go, you’re in business!


Nobody meditates enough. There is no “good amount of time” to meditate. Just do it. You feel like calming your mind just 1 minute. Meditate 1 minute. There is some days I can’t meditate more than 3 minutes and some other days I’m able to meditate for 30 minutes. Just start to meditate. It permits you to do the hardest step of manifesting; letting go. You recalibrate your mind, your thoughts. You switch from stressed and negative to calm and positive. You are in the Now for a bit. You connect with your mind, body and soul. Do your own research on meditating. There is just benefits.

I know your ego doesn’t want you to meditate cause it’s a bit woowoo and weird and only spiritual weird people meditate. No, 95% of successful people meditate just cause it’s magical and oh so powerful. So if millionaires meditate, shut your ego up and start meditating.

Pssst… use the app “Insight Timer” to help you meditate. Thank me later.

Tadaaaaa. You’re now a master at manifesting.

The Vibration Goddess


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