4 ways meditating can improve your whole entire existence.

Sitting there, doing nothing but breathing, trying hard not to think about what’s worrying you, legs crossed, hands facing up… Ok, I admit it; it looks and sounds overrated. I used to think the same thing too. There are prejudices about meditating that are completely false – like being dressed in an orange robe and singing ”OMMMMM’ the whole time isn’t quite what it is, LOL. There are SO MANY WAYS of meditating, it’s crazy, and everybody does it for a different reason; you just need to find yours. A lot of very ”successful” and wealthy business owner meditate because it gives them the time to calm their mind, connect with themselves & give a direction to their day. Others, meditate to calm their mind and connect with their body. Some will meditate to rise up their vibrations and kick start their day positively. Anyway, I will write another blog on the different ways you can meditate cause the options are literally infinite but what I wanna do today is point out the benefits of meditating and also, I wanna guide you on how to start if you’re a newbie at this.


  1. You might drop a couple pounds.

Yup. The key to a lean, healthy body is to meditate! TADAAAAA! No, but seriously there is actually science behind that and meditating really could help you to lose weight and get healthier. The reason behind that is because your body and your mind can communicate very effectively together when you sooth your spirit – your mind and body become in tune. One of the biggest reason for weight gain is mindless eating; through meditation, you can practice MINDFUL eating where you really learn to honor your body’s appetite and prevent yourself from over-eating. The more in touch your mind becomes with your body, the easier it is to stay healthy, eat right, and maintain or lose weight.


2. It can decrease everything you wanna slow down.

Let me explain myself now, lol. When you meditate, when you take the time to do nothing and really relax and breathe, it calms your body and soothes your nervous system. This leads to lower your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, decrease adrenaline and cortisol (your stress hormones), decrease respiratory rate, improve digestion (SO MUCH YES FOR ME) and boost your immunity system. When your nervous system is calmes down, it helps your body and your organs to function at their best – making you feel more energized and healthy.

When your nervous system is overdoing its thing,  you can’t eat, sleep, think clearly. So yeah… a calm nervous system is a PRETTY NICE benefit of meditation.


3. You can start doing MORE.

If you’re like me and you can never stop 2 seconds – you run around all the time like headless chooks, starting to meditate can make you focused and productive instead of just busy and lost in what you have to do. By staying in the present moment, you can ignore the distractions around you and really target the important stuff.

This leads to greater productivity, focus, awareness, clarity, and better decision making.

There’s a famous quote about meditation that says:

”You should meditate for 20 minutes everyday – if you’re too busy; then you should do it for an hour.”

Being busy and being productive are two very very different things. Meditating will make you more productive and less busy – win-win!


4. You become more zen.

Say bye bye to stress. Reducing stress is one of the major reason why people start to meditate… and once you try it honestly it’s addictive. Through meditation we become more aware of our emotions. When we’re not aware, our emotions tend to affect our perception and judgment and thus inflate the sense of demand beyond what we think we can provide. This is the never ending cycle of stress. With meditation, we begin by creating the space in our minds to reduce demands by classifying what is essential VS what is not and by training our minds to increase our mental resources. When stressful situations arise, because of this training, we have developed the skills to work with our emotions to deal with stress in a more peaceful way. Meditation practice is honestly the ideal stress management training. I personally didn’t know I was stressed before I started meditating – everything, every situation that occurs now seem so much lighter and easier to deal with.


Meditation can do SO MUCH MORE for you, the benefits are endless. For example, it can :

  • Help with your sleep
  • Boost endorphins & melatonin
  • Help PMS
  • Cure headaches
  • Help infertility
  • Better circulation
  • Less muscle tension
  • Beat addiction
  • Help to heal faster
  • Overcome OCD
  • Help to have a positive mindset
  • More motivation
  • Break bad habits
  • Cure anxiety
  • Control anger
  • Beat depression


There is honestly so much more and I know you might be skeptical but the only way to know is to start and try it yourself. The most stupid people are the ones who judge before trying (I was one of those before).

To begin meditating I would suggest to start by doing guided meditation. My favorite app is ”Insight Timer”; there are meditations for beginners, intermediate and experts. You can even choose what ”problem” you wanna focus on and you can even pick the amount of time you wanna meditate. It’s honestly a gold mine.


If Millionaires & the happiest people in the world are meditating everyday, ask yourself why you didn’t start yet!



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