The reason behind your illness or health problems might not be what you think – heal yourself these with powerful affirmations.

I don’t know if you noticed yet, but you NEED to be open minded to read my blogs. What I post isn’t always what we are used to read and I honestly like it this way. During my spiritual journey, I learned that our thoughts matter a lot more than we think – they play with our mood, they create our reality and much more than that. I also recently ”discovered” that our thoughts or our behaviours might be responsible for our illnesses. It makes sense to be honest cause our brain is an organ just like our kidney or our heart – when bad thoughts get in there it’s toxic as fuck, just like bad food are toxins for our body. Don’t forget that your mind, your body and your spirit are all related together, so the fact that your thoughts (your mind) affect your physical (your body) or mental (your mind) health make a lot of sense.

”So you’re telling me that my thoughts and the way I talk to myself can actually be the detonator for some illness?!? – you crazy b*tch, noooo” I can’t blame you to think that I am crazy but I actually evaluated myself and some of the illnesses I had in the past – cause depending on the illness you might have, there is a meaning/reason behind it.

Let’s go over some illness/problem area and the meaning attached to it so you can evaluate yourself and see for yourself that it all makes sense. I will also throw in some healing affirmations that can help you with certain problems you might have. Keep in mind that your body talks to you way more than you can imagine, stay alert to the signs.


  1. Acne

Having acne might mean that you dislike your self image and that you can’t see your individual beauty. I used to have acne a lot. When I was younger and even recently my skin was really really bad – when I started to really love myself, my acne magically disappeared without changing my face wash or my moisturizer.

Healing affirmation : I love myself, I accept myself for me and I embrace my uniqueness.


2. Anxiety

Having anxiety mean you do not trust and/or you try to control the natural order of life. I personally never done anxiety but I also always trusted life and its natural unfolding. I believe that everything happens for a reason!

Healing affirmation : I trust the process of life. I am safe.


3. Back problems

If you have a lot of back problems, it’s probably because you feel guilty of something, you feel overloaded, you feel stressed and/or you have financial stress. I remember a year ago when I had a lot of debts and I didn’t know how I was gonna take care of them, I used to not be able to go to the gym because my back was hurting badly.

Healing affirmation: I am doing everything I can to the best of my knowledge. All I need will be taken care of, I can relax.


4. Breathing problems (example – asthma)

If you have breathing problems, it means you have a fear of growth and giving. My mom used to do bad asthma, she always needed her pump with her and since she started her spiritual journey she hasn’t bought a pump and she doesn’t need it anymore. She isn’t scared of growth.

Healing affirmation: It is my birthright to live fully and freely.


5. Cancer

Oooooooh, I feel like I’m gonna get attacked by talking about such a delicate subject. Honestly, if it wasn’t because my mom had cancer and the spiritual meaning behind it didn’t make sense, I would’ve left this one behind. But my mom had breast cancer and she is honestly a very healthy woman, she used to workout and eat healthy before getting the news that she had cancer. When I came up to her with the spiritual meaning behind her cancer, it all made sense and we both even teared up. When someone has cancer, it means that the concerned person was deeply hurt by some events, or that this person has huge and heavy secrets or that this person is living painful grief. And not so long before my mom developed cancer, we had some very very very rough time at home (I don’t wanna go too deep into this subject cause it’s very personal but me and my dad made my mom go trough a lot). It makes sense that if someone keeps so much negativity inside, it is very very toxic for the soul/body/mind.

Healing affirmation: I forgive and release the past. I choose to fill my life with joy and love. Life flows trough me. 


6. Depression

Another very delicate subject, I know. Someone who experience depression is someone who is angry at something or someone who feel helplessness, someone who limits herself in life.

Healing affirmation: I let go of my fears and don’t believe in limitations. I create my own life.


7. Headaches

Having a headache means that you criticize yourself a lot and/or that you refuse to accept the current situations.

Healing affirmation: I am loving and approving of myself and look at things with love.


8. Weight problems

This one was honestly my favorite cause I struggled with my weight since I was like 15-16 years old till maybe a few months ago (at 23 years old). When you have trouble managing your weight, it means you lack in protecting your emotions, you struggle with insecurity and/or you’re running away from true feelings. It honestly couldn’t be truer for me.

Healing affirmation: I create my own security. I love and approve myself.



These are just a few examples on how your way of living and your thoughts can affect your health. And btw, little disclaimer here, I am nowhere close to be a doctor so I can’t diagnosed or treat some illness BUT it happened that in 100% of the cases that I ”studied” (lol) it was event truer than true. The healing affirmations aren’t a magic spell that as soon as you pronounce the words you’re healed. No. But affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over again in order to imprint your subconscious mind. They are usually words that trigger an emotional reaction or response within you that brings up the healing that needs to take place. You’re essentially raising your vibration and increasing the positive energy of your soul’s frequency with these affirmations. A secret to truly mastering affirmations: The Universe can’t make the difference  between what is happening in the physical world, or what is happening and being imprinted in the spiritual world. When you use your affirmation as if it has already happened, then you strengthen your manifesting and your healing power.




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