Why finding your animal spirit is a must! HOW to find it & WHAT it means.

Ever wondered what is your spirit animal or even, what IS a spirit animal. Well, I imagine that if you clicked on that link you are already into spirituality OR you are starting your spiritual journey – which is beautiful. I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard or said ”OMG, this person is my spirit animal.” and if you’re wondering right now if it has to do with today’s subject, well, it’s not. According to the Urban Dictionary, a spirit animal is ; ”A person or character that represents your inner personality. Someone who behaves as though they are showing your feelings through their own actions. This is a positive way to describe someone who you relate to in the way they react to situations and interact with people”. Sorry UD but this urban/popular definition isn’t it it at all, better luck next time. In spirituality, when we refer to our spirit animal, we refer to another form of spirit guide, similar to a guardian angel.

So now, what is YOUR spirit animal? Which animal is your guardian angel? It’s honestly something that is very very very intuitive. It doesn’t depend on your birth date or under what planet you’re born – you need to connect with yourself to ”find” it. Here are a few tips on how you can discover which animal is helping you discovering your path.


  1. ZZZZzzzz…

Our dreams are actually a way for our intuition to speak to us. Since we’re too busy during the day thinking about a billion stuff, our higher self have trouble to find it’s way for us to hear it. Our dreams are a very powerful way to discover our spirit animal. Even if you dream about cats all the time, it doesn’t mean that a cat is your spirit animal. You need to pay attention to how the animal you’re dreaming about is acting and to how it makes you feel. My personal spirit animal is the horse. I don’t dream about it all the time, but when I do it’s always a very powerful dream that makes me feel empowered and energized. Pay attention to the dream itself too. When you’ll dream about your spirit animal you’ll know.


2. Remember the time when you were a kid.

Close your eyes and try to remember what animal was speaking to you when you were younger. When we’re young we have a lot less barriers, lot less stress and we are a lot more connected to our higher self (before society starts to implement their limits to us). Your ”weird” favorite animal maybe wasn’t so weird after all, as this may well be the way your guides tried to connect with, protect, and lead you through trouble. Since I was a little kid, I was always impressed by horses. I always felt like their gaze has so much to tell and I always felt like I had a special connexion with every single one of them.


3. Pay attention to this animal’s habits

Your spirit animal has something to teach you that you can implement in your day to day life. As I said, you’ll know when you’ll ”find” your spirit animal. It’s just a click – like a EUREKA. It all makes sense, everything connects together and you KNOW it. This specific animal has some traits that you lack in your life, some traits that you should apply. Let’s say your spirt animal is a cat, maybe it’s time for you to get a little more independent.



Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular animal spirit and their meaning:



The bear is one of the most powerful animals in the spirit-guide realm. This guide is in tune with emotional and physical healing and likely connected with those who feel a deep connection to the earth and the outdoors.


The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. The butterfly guide will appear throughout times of life change and development. With the guidance of the butterfly, transition through these changes will come with more ease and grace.


The cat symbolizes curiosity, adventure, and independence. The cat can also represent the art of patience and wholeness.


The deer is generally thought to guide sensitive, highly intuitive people who are extremely spiritual. Those connected to this animal are confident and successful, but they should also strive to be more gentle and graceful.


The dove represents peace, blessings, and new beginnings. Those who are worried or stressed could use some of this energy to find peace.


The dolphin spirit guide represents playful wisdom. Often they are spiritual teachers that help communicate as messengers for other guides.


The elephant symbolizes wisdom, gentleness, and spiritual understanding. Soul searchers who are set to work in a humanitarian capacity often connect with this guide.


The frog is the spirit guide of healing, and frogs represent the process of healing both emotional and physical wounds. The frog usually connects with those who are on the journey to finding peace from suffering.


The fox is the guide of camouflage. It symbolizes the art of detachment—following our instincts to adapt and grow with our surroundings.


The horse (my personal spirit animal) is the guide of passion, drive, and an appetite for freedom and expression. The meaning of the horse can vary depending on how you see your horse: from tame to wild, working horse to racehorse.


The hawk spirit guide represents perspective and your ability for you to see things from all sides—the perfect view for spiritual development.


The lion spirit guide represents heart and courage. It connects with soul searchers who have a deep sense of authority and who are born leaders.


The mouse represents the art of detail and symbolizes scrutiny. The mouse guide reminds us not to overlook the smaller details in life.


The owl is the spirit guide that has the ability to see what others miss. It helps people see the deeper meaning of things and discover the hidden treasures in life.


The peacock represents resurrection and connects with people who are in the process of transforming or reinventing themselves.


The turtle is a highly spiritual guide that represents the journey toward wisdom, truth, understanding, and peace. The turtle also symbolizes a need to take a break, reflect, and check your connection to the spiritual path.


The tiger guide represents raw feelings and emotions. Tiger guides connect those of us who are intuitive and good at following their instincts.


The wolf is connected to intelligence, instinctiveness, and freedom. The wolf may appear when you have mistrust in social situations, serving as a reminder to follow your primal instincts.


Were you ever drawn to one of these animals? Does it fit with your soul purpose? I know it does hehe! Send me an Instagram DM to let me know what is your spirit animal and what it means to you! (@thevibrationgoddess)







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