August ; month of growth and fulfilment.


Where did time go for real. I feel like yesterday I was with my boyfriend watching the Eagles game in Philadelphia, freezing my ass off, on New Year’s Eve. Holly shit, I just counted on my fingers. I thought we were actually in the middle of 2018 aka the sixth month of the year, BUT NO! We’re actually the eighth month already. LMAO… it’s almost my birthday already (proud Sagittarius, December 9th).

Before being fucking blown away by the fact that 2018 is almost over, I actually had a plan of sharing with you what we will be able to expect on this month of August 2018. The more I listen to my intuition, I realize, the more accurate it is – and I truly feel and believe that this following month will be very nourishing for everyone. Actually, you know what, I KNOW that this month you will grow a lot, that you will reconnect with yourself & that you’ll nourish your mind, body and soul. This is what August is for.

If you’ve watched my Youtube videos before you know that I am a sucker for everything that is related to journaling. I deeply love to write & create and it feels even better when I do so with a real pen and a real paper. Writing on a computer is like having sex and writing with my pen, on a sheet of paper is like having an orgasm – both feel good but one is just more satisfying. So, that being said, I invite you, on this 31 of July, to take out a pen and a paper and write down stuff with me to kickstart your eighth month of this year. I will be guiding you and together we will set your intentions for August. If you’ve never done that before; setting intentions at the beginning of the month will unconsciously influence how your days will unfold. I will help you by sharing my answers with you so you have a bit of a guideline to help you (you’ll thank me if it’s your first time doing that cause it can be quite intriguing at first).

BTW. Just saying your intentions in your mind WON’T WORK. Shut down your excuses and your laziness, take 10 minutes of your time to get off fucking Facebook, take a pen and a paper and DO IT.

Since the theme of this month is nourishment and growth, we will go like this:


This August, I nourish & grow my MIND by…

(I nourish my mind through reading AT LEAST one chapter of a book a day. In this case, I will be reading my new book ASPIRE by Kevin Hall)

This August, I nourish & grow my BODY by…

(I nourish my body by eating more raw fruits and vegetables. I tend to eat raw vegetables but also a lot of vegetables that are cooked and I understand that for my body, my temple it is better and also more alkaline to eat raw food.)


This August, I nourish & grow my SOUL by…

(I nourish my soul by meditating AT LEAST once a day for 15 minutes for the whole month. I tend to skip days where I meditate and I understand how good for my soul meditating is. I will keep myself accountable on the app ”Insight Timer” – let’s be accountable together; my name is ”The Vibration Goddess”)


BRO. It honestly took me 7 minutes to write that down on a sheet of paper. It’s SUPER easy to do and it sets the pace of your month. It’s also a very great tool to look where you lack in your life. Example; I swear by mediation. When you have a boy problem, meditate. When you’re not sure about wether you should take a nap or go to the gym, meditate. If you woke up grumpy and you don’t wanna get ready for work, meditate. When you’re having your periods, meditate. If your house is on fire, meditate. As simple as that. We should all meditate at least once a day (if you wanna know why + what are the benefits of meditating, CLICK HEREEEEE). Yet I can find myself NOT meditating for like, 4 days in a row sometimes and I hate myself for it. So by doing this little intentions setting thingy that lasts about 6-7 minutes, I acknowledge that I lack in meditating lately, I pay attention and set an intention to correct that. So, at this point, if I don’t meditate well I’m just a dumb bitch cause now I know that I need to work on it.

So now take your paper, take your pen, analyze where you’ve been lacking during July/what you could’ve done better & set your intention to be better this month. Remember; August is a month of growth and fulfilment – so keep your intentions around that.

Anywayyyys. If you don’t do it, you won’t improve yourself/your life. You grow and you change by doing simple ”tasks” like that (between you and me, this is more like an activity than a task).

Share your intentions with me! I wanna know what my peeps are gonna improve this month & it might also give me ideas for my intentions next month.


Muah! Alexina. xoxo

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