Heavy Duty Detox Drink – for all those bloated days.

OK. Let’s be TMI here and talk about bloating – cause let’s be real, for us women, it’s such a daily battle. We wake up in the morning fresh as a rose, we drink our coffee, hit the bathroom & then WOW. We are VS models ready to hit the runway. God damn we’re hot, ready to conquer the entire planet. And then, something terrible happen; WE EAT BREAKFAST.

”Insert the sound of the Dramatic SuperZoom filter on InstaStory”

That’s when we get bloated for the rest of the day, feeling like a sac of potatoes – until we take a poop again. It fucking sucks but it’s reality. Everyone experience this & we shouldn’t be ashamed of it BUT for me honestly sometimes it gets very uncomfortable. And a few days (maybe a week) ago, I stumbled upon literally a magic potion that’s cleansing/alkalizing/speed the metabolism/filled with Vit C AKA your new favorite drink.


Listen this might not be for you. I get, it it’s ok. This drink is packed with weird stuff – in very too heavy quantity. I can’t help it, I’m like this. I started fitness – I had to compete. I practiced cheerleading for 8 years – I had to go twice to the world championship. When I do something, I don’t half-ass do it. So maybe you wanna slow down on some ingredients or maybe you’re like me and you love your red lipstick BLOODY red.

close up photo of clear glass mason mug with white liquid

Heavy Duty Detox Drink;

-10 cups of water

– 3-5 tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar

– 2 tablespoon of organic cayenne powder (this is where you can slow down)

-2 squeezed lemon ( I like to leave 2 half lemon in my jar)

-1 tablespoon of organic turmeric powder


I add fresh herbs from our little herb garden depending on how I feel. Some days I’ll throw son basil and other days I’ll drown my drink in mint leaves. I just feel like my drink is more fancy and less boring with that lmao.

HOW: Basically I’ll take a pitcher of water and I’ll throw all my ingredients in it, starting with water obviously. I’ll then throw in the apple vinegar, squeeze the 2 lemons, throw in the amount of powder that I feel like having this time around and then at the end I’ll add my little fancy cutie herbs. I’ll basically keep it in my fridge with a big spoon in it so every time I feel like having a glass of tabasco tasting drink, it’s ready to be stirred and served.

SERVE: I personally like to drink it in a cute mason jar that I previously filled with ice. I’ll then pour the drink and sip it with a cute REUSABLE straw.

This little mixy-mix was inspired a lot by The Suja Solution. BTW, this won’t make you magically skinny and you won’t start melting fat like maybe a ton of influencer would tell you. It’s a great way to fight bloating and to detox also. I feel like my whole body is vibrating when I feed it with my Heavy Duty potion.

As I said; I’m quite extreme with my portions cause that’s how I am. It’s all or nothing. Black or white. Right or wrong. Feel very comfortable to switch the drink up a little bit and lower the portions lmao. Adapt it to your own taste. Every time I feel bloated or that I am in my PSM or just when I ate a little bit too much the day/night before, I love to make a pitcher of it and drink it when I feel the need.


So this is it. this is my little alkaline AF detox/cleansing baby drink that I highly recommend – I know we all get bloated AF so I felt the need to share my little bomb recipe.

Let me know if you loved this recipe!!


See ya, Alexina. Xoxo.

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