”U lit” girl – Having cellulite.

Tuesday afternoon – in my poolhouse, sippin on my detox drink – I evaluate the temperature to be around 200 degrees, I have sweat dripping down my boobs crack. My pool must be looking at me wondering WHY THE FUCK am I staying under the tiny fan on the ceiling instead of throwing my ass in the cold refreshing water.

What my pool doesn’t know, is that we are gonna talk about something PRETTY important to us, girls, but that is, in fact, not important at all (am I even making sense lmao).


OMIGOD. I fucking said it. THAT word. I feel like I’ve been hearing that word so freaking much lately – probably because it’s summer, DUH! – and I’m fucking fed up of that word. Gurls, we’re gonna clarify something together; cellulite isn’t a disease, it is a normal phenomenon that happens to 90% of the women on earth.

3,240,000,000 – That’s the amount of women on planet earth that have cellulite.

Do you think it is a good market when 3.2 BILLIONS of women on earth are trying to get rid of something that they actually cannot get rid of? Fuck yes, there’s a shit ton of money to be made there – CRAPLOAD. Cellulite is normal; it is the natural way of your body to store your fat (btw without fat we would looking ugly and weird as fuck). But the media LOVES money. They love it to the point where they make you believe that something that is totally beautiful and natural is actually ugly so you spend all your precious money on stupid treatments and absurd cream that DO NOT WORK – ever.

It honestly has to stop. We have to stop to believe in all those photoshopped pics, to hide behind layers and layers of clothing , to stay home instead of going to the beach with our friends even tho we’re dying to go, to LOSE our money on fucking non sens treatments that do not work, to worry about what others will think about (nobody is looking anyway, trust me). In my eyes, the women with the most gorgeous bodies I’ve seen all had cellulite – CAUSE IT’S NORMALLLLLL.


According to the “Mayo Clinic”: “Cellulite is caused by fibrous connective cords that attach the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat in between. As the fat cells accumulate, they grow against the skin, while the long, stubborn ropes fall. This creates an uneven surface or a hollow. “.

According to Alexina; ”Cellulite is a normal characteristic in women that has been transformed into something “ugly” by society to create a big industry so they can fill their pockets with shitload of money.”


PSSST: My definition is much much cooler.



You’re not your cellulite, ok? Stop worrying about it cause you’re worrying for nothing and you’re gonna worry all your life cause it’s proven that no treatment really works – they’re all temporary and ineffective. I’m not telling you all this to discourage you – more like the opposite – I want you to make peace with your grapefruit skin for your own well being. You have so much more to offer than your body. The people that are in your life, are in your life for the value you bring to it (their life), for the jokes your make, for all the things you do for them… Even if you have ZERO cellulite, they wouldn’t love you more.

That mini skirt you ADORE but that has been hanging in your closet for 2 years cause you didn’t want to show off your cellulite, I’M DARING YOU TO FUCKING WEAR IT. Let it SHINNNEEEEE, girl. Shine bright like a diamond. I need proofs, btw, I need pics. Your cellulite is still gonna be there, people are still not gonna give a shit about it, you’re gonna forget about it and you’re gonna feel FREE AF. Yasssss bitch. When you accept your cellulit as part of your body – just like you accept the fact that you have 2 arms and 2 legs – it bring you such a nice feeling of immunity. It frees you and others around you; your mom, your daughter, your friends, your family. It gives them a good role model – it proves that you can be beautiful, sexy, confident and loved even if you have cellulite.


Stressing  about things you can’t change is really really unhealthy and sickly cause YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY CHANGE THEM – you’re just worrying for absolutely fucking nothing. Learn to love yourself. Completely. It’s liberating. It feels good. And anyway, you’re gorgeous. Like, really fucking gorgeous…

Ttyl beauty, Alexina. Xoxo.

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