About me

Hello beautiful human it’s your girl Alexina & I really wanted to take the time to thank you for following me into this wonderful journey of self love and self discovery. If you’re like me, you’ve always seek for freedom – in your life, financially, spiritually – and I think it’s a wonderful thing. I am here to share my journey, my tips, my experiences with you to be able to make YOURS easier.

I’ve been an online coach a few years ago, helped hundreds of women into their fitness journey, then I jumped to network marketing for a year then jump to online marketing, cleared ALL my debts, helped thousands of people make money, made a shit ton of money to eventually realize that I was meant for more. Money doesn’t fill your soul. Filled pockets without a filled soul don’t mean shit – trust me. I felt lost, without a purpose and I missed having my girls email me how grateful they were and how amazing they felt with my program.

My approach to health, fitness, wellness completely changed. I wanna help people get better spiritually and mentally, not just physically. When you take care of your mind, your mind takes care of the rest. I wanna help people realize that they are more than just their vessel, I want them to realize their full potential and blossom as the beautiful flower they are meant to be.